Precisely Drawn Carbon Steel Tubes, Small Diameter Tubes, Revolutionary High Performance Double-Tube Heat Exchanger

Akita Production Facility

Akita Factory Akita Factory

The majority of production, approximately 70% occurs at the Akita facility. It concentrates on precisely drawn small/light tube production.


  1. Approximately 80% of production becomes critical motor vehicle part components.
  2. Tubes go through an average of 4.3 drawing processes. We draw an industry leading 270km of tube per day. This amounts to 25 tons, and 6 million tubes all used in a variety of parts.
Address 50 Yachishinden, Omonogawa, Yokote City, Akita, 013-0204 Japan
Area site area - 19,303 square meters
floor space - 8,554 square meters
TEL phone:+81-182-22-2171