Precisely Drawn Carbon Steel Tubes, Small Diameter Tubes, Revolutionary High Performance Double-Tube Heat Exchanger

Head Office and Production Facility

Head Office Head Office

The Nishiyama Head Office and Production Facility is situated in the Odawara City Industrial estate known as 'Technoland'. Upon entering the estate one immediately sees the large blue Nishiyama complex. The lower floor area is devoted to production while the entire space above is the administration center.
Developmental production of carbon steel and copper tubes is based at the head office production center, particularly precise specification tubes.


  1. Much of our carbon steel tube production becomes critical precision parts for engines of cars, motorbikes, ships etc.
  2. Copper tube production includes high performance, revolutionary double-tube heat exchanger tubes. We are offering high quality and quick delivery.
copper tubes, carbon steel tubes
Address 979 Naruda, Odawara City, Kanagawa, 250-0862 Japan
Area site area - 5,567 square meters
floor space - 3,507 square meters
TEL +81-465-38-2424
FAX +81-465-38-2600