Precisely Drawn Steel Tubes, Small Diameter Tubes, Revolutionary High Performance Double-Tube Heat Exchanger


April 1949 NISHIYAMA SEISAKUSHO was established as a private firm by the founding chairman, Nobuji Nishiyama and Yasuji Nishiyama.
December 1959 NISHIYAMA SEISAKUSHO Co., Ltd was incorporated with 2 million yen stock capital.
January 1973 Company stock capital was increased to 10 million yen to coincide with a new production facility in Akita Pref.
October 1974 Stock capital was doubled to 20 million yen.
December 1974 Yasuji Nishiyama becomes the second company president.
January 1987 An R & D facility for the development of PIC (Pipe In Coil) tubes was established in Hikari City, Yamaguchi Pref., succeeding in technical development by December that year.
March 1995 Head office and production facility built at Technoland Industrial Estate in Odawara City, Kanagawa Pref. Stock capital increased to 60 million yen.
December 1996 Toshiaki Nishiyama becomes the third company president.
July 2000 Stock capital increased to 125 million yen.
July 2003 ISO 9001 registration.
October 2004 Awarded first prize in Kanagawa Prefecture High-Tech Grand Prix.
October 2005 Akita Administrative Center built at Akita factory site.
January 2006 Awarded first prize as Kanagawa Prefecture's Most Outstanding Plant.
February 2008 Akita production center expansion.
July 2008 Introducing 300 of Japan's Dynamic Monodzukuri(Manufacturing) SMEs 2008
April 2009 Our company is designated as a model factory of small and medium-sized enterprise by Kanagawa prefecture in 2009.
June 2010 Capital stock was decreased to 95 million yen.
August 2015 Established subsidiary in the Philippines, PHILIPPINE NISHIYAMA PIPE MFG. INC. (PNPM)