Precisely Drawn Carbon Steel Tubes, Small Diameter Tubes, Revolutionary High Performance Double-Tube Heat Exchanger

Technology and Qality

Since it's founding, Nishiyama Seisakusho has greatly contributed to the industry-wide development of highly precise, high performance drawn carbon steel tubes.
Our carbon steel tube manufacturing delivers products of superior cost performance and quality through our technologically advanced production processes and constant pursuit of process improvement. In addition, we are constantly scanning the horizon to realize technological advances required to develop the market's future product needs. The superior performance of original products such as our double-tube heat exchanger demonstrates this ongoing commitment. Ever smaller/thinner, ever-greater technology and quality, it is our determination to work night and day to provide better products for our customers.


Carbon Steel Tubes

Nishiyama Seisakusho is especially proficient at producing cold drawn steel tubes with a width of less than 10mm.
Production begins at a width of 2mm, and in tubes of less than 6mm we hold approximately 80% of domestic market share. High performance, high quality tubes of this nature are required throughout a wide sphere of industry and manufacturing including motor vehicles, construction and industrial equipment.
Furthermore, through an extended heat treatment using a non-oxidation bright annealing furnace, tube surface has a good condition, thereby removing the entire need for acid pickling.

Production Capacity

Drawing Bench Minute Scratch Detector Tube Bender

The combined capacity of Nishiyama Seisakusho's Head Office and Akita production facilities means a line can be set up exactly to customer specifications and producing at low cost/mass volume efficiencies almost immediately.
Over 270km of tube is drawn daily at the world class Akita facility, where output now exceeds more than 100tons per month.
The Head Office facility production facility is geared for product development, housing a development section with cooperative external tie-ups. It can quickly develop and deliver desired new products at ever more demanding cost-performance to customer specifications. Our entire company is geared to meet the mass production needs of today and tomorrow.

Main Production Stations

Type Steel Tubes Copper Tubes
Drawing Benches 13 6
Drawing Machines for Coil 4 -
Non-oxidation bright annealing furnace for straight pipe 5 -
Non-oxidation bright annealing furnace for coil 1 -
Roll Straighteners 7 1
Spin Straighteners 4 -
Precision Tube Cutters 11 3
Swaging Machines 10 4
Alkaloid Washer Equipment 1 -
Outside special washing machine 1 -
Tube Benders - 4

Quality Assurance

visual inspections Minute Scratch Detector Digital Microscope

Nishiyama Seisakusho's strict internal quality policies mean customers can trust their delivered product will have been produced to the highest standards and thoroughly inspected.
Quality monitoring gates are organized pre-production, post-production and at every production step in the manufacturing process. Customers can always be sure of the uniformity of their product. Our commitment to quality assurance is so strong we went as far as jointly developing inspection equipment with Japan Techno-mate co.,ltd to detect even the most minute scratches on tube surfaces.

Main Quality Inspection Instruments

Type Quantity
Eddy Current Flaw Detection Lines 6
Minute Scratch Detectors 1
Tensile Test Machines 2
Metal Structure Microscopes 1
Micro-Vikers Hardness Testers 2
Photo-Analysis Projectors 1
Contour and Surface Evaluators 1
Digital Microscopes 2
Leak detector 1