Precisely Drawn Carbon Steel Tubes, Small Diameter Tubes, Revolutionary High Performance Double-Tube Heat Exchanger

Manufacturing Process

Carbon Steel Tubes Manufacturing Process

Preliminary Phase

Preliminary Phase

This phase shapes tubes to desired size. The process involves inserting tubes into the dice where they are grasped and shaped by the cartridge.
Drawing Bar to Bar Drawing Bench

Drawing Bar to Bar

This room temperature process draws out tubes to reduce diameter and thin tube walls. The essence of manufacturing is ensuring beautiful tubes to exacting specifications. Altering production rates and settings can modulate the tubes produced.
Tubes are not just drawn to shape but also perfect uniformity.
Drawing Coil To Coil

Drawing Coil to Coil

This room temperature process stretches tubes even smaller and thinner as they are drawn and rolled up into coils.
Heat Treatment Equipment

Anneal Heat Treatment

Our heat treatment is non-oxidation bright annealing. DX, RX and NX atmospheric gases are regulated in differing amounts during heating depending on the desired treatment.
Not putting tubes through the stress of an acid pickling means tube surfaces remain pristine whilst being reinforced against next process.
Precision Tube Cutter


Finished tubes are cut according to customer specifications. Tubes may also be cut mid-manufacture according to downstream process requirements.


Tubes move through a dimension adjustment process to ensure all tube dimensions are exactly uniform and symmetrical.
visual inspections


A variety of inspections including visual, mechanical and instrumental are carried out to ensure that not even the smallest imperfection escapes us.
Carbon Steel Tubes Coil


Only tubes passing all inspection gates are packed and delivered.